New Book Series:

James T. Baumgratz – Elk County
Murders & Mysterious Deaths 

The Elk County Historical Society has a selection of books available for purchase by phone or at the Robinson Museum. Shipping is $3.00 per book. We have many unusual books that are out-of-print.

Check back often as our book list is constantly being updated.

For a comprehensive book list, pricing or to purchase a book call us at (814) 776-1032.

We also sell shirts with the new Elk County Historical Society logo! $18 per shirt. Stop by the Historical Society during business hours to purchase.

Complete Price List for All Available Books

Below is a complete price list for all books that are currenlty sold at the Elk County Historical Society.
If you have any questions or to purchase a book call us at  (814) 776-1032.

Along the Bucktail Highway$12.72
Beers History of Elk, Cameron and Potter Counties (3 volume set)$63.60
Deckers Chapel Booklet$3.18
Deserter Country: Civil War etc$31.80
Elk County-A Journey Through Time$26.50
Elk County Murders by James Baumgratz- Vol 1$26.45
Elk County Murders by James Baumgratz- Vol 2$26.45
Elk County Murders by James Baumgratz- Vol 3$26.45
Elk County Rifles$19.08
Haunted Western PA$11.60
Heroes of Air Power$9.54
History of Elk County$21.20
History of Johnsonburg$19.08
History of Millstone$10.60
Images of America-Brockway & Little Toby Valley$23.31
Images of America-Elk County$23.31
Images of America-Fox Township$23.31
Images of America-Hyde-Murphy Company$23.31
Images of America-Johnsonburg$23.31
Images of America-Ridgway$23.31
Images of America-St. Marys$23.31
Johnsonburg Through Time by Dennis McGeehan$24.37
Lumbering-King of Industries$4.24
Muted Echoes by Joe Bliskey$15.90
Murders & Mysterious Deaths in PA Wilds by Baumgratz$26.45
Our Town Coloring Book-St. Marys$1.00
Pennsylvania Breweries$17.97
Pennsylvania Ghost Towns$12.66
Pennsylvania in the Spanish American War$10.70
Pennsylvania Snacks$17.97
Pioneers of Second Fork$16.95
Pittsburg, Shawmut and Northern Railroad$23.31
Quality Whitetails$14.84
Ridgway Through Time by Dennis McGeehan$24.37
St. Marys Through Time by Dennis McGeehan$24.37
Servants of the Wind$20.12
Sesquicentennial History of Ridgway$10.60
Tanbark, Alcohol & Lumber$12.72
The Pennsylvania Winslows$19.08
The Story of Ridgway$2.12
Tiger at the Bar$45.42
True Tales of Clarion River$21.14
Visions of Taoga - A Novel$15.84
Western PA Oil Heritage$21.19